Monroeville Box, Pallet & Wood Products

100% Recycled Material

Our Green Pallet product line is an environmentally friendly alterantive to new wood pallets.  Green Pallets are made from 100% recycled material.  MBPWP is one of the Mid-West's largest pallet recyclers saving thousands of tons of lumber from going into the landfill each month.  We offer free pallet pickup saving our customers thousands of dollars a year in disposal costs.  The used pallets are transported to our recycling center in Monroeville, IN.  Once in our process, the pallets are sorted.  Some pallets are repaired and/or rebuilt and offered for resale.  Other pallets are completely dismantled.  The lumber is recut to size and used in the construction of a recycled pallet.  Our Green Pallets can be heat treated in our proprietatry heat treat process and marked with ALSC/ISPM 15 Stamp certifing them export outside of the United States.  Green Pallets are normally much cheaper in price than newly constructed pallets made from new lumber which will save your company money on pallet costs.  Call us today for a free pallet pickup or for a quotation on Green Pallets and start saving money immediately.


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